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The Rechargable Science in CE-Thione

CE-Thione – Rechargeable Vitamin C™   Incredible innovation in Vitamin C technology: CE-Thione™  which showcases a totally new concept in skincare called: Rechargeable Vitamin C™ Facts about Vitamin C: It is essential for the synthesis of collagen It is essential for the transportation of collagen molecules into the dermis It is an excellent antioxidant It reduces pigmentation […]


You need this chocolate in your life…

We’ve said that eight cups of water a day can keep wrinkles away, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could benefit from eating chocolate? Esthechoc is a powerful anti-aging dark chocolate supplement that is revolutionizing the way men and women fight ageing. Scientists have known for years that the cocoa found in dark chocolate contain powerful anti-aging properties, and […]