Magnifibres – brush-on eyelashes

Instant Effect for Longer, Fuller & More Beautiful Eyelashes

  • Easy to apply
  • No glue, no gel, no mess, no fuss
  • Just instant glamour
  • Works with any mascara

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Instant Natural Longer, Fuller & More Beautiful Eyelashes

No glue, no gel, no mess, no fuss. Just instant glamour.

MAGNIFIBRES is the perfect solution for those who love long, big, captivating eyelashes, who want instant results but don’t like the hassle of false lashes. 100% natural brush-on fibres create an immediate and stunning eyelash effect – achieving length and volume beyond belief.

MAGNIFIBRES are very easy to apply. With its innovative patent, MAGNIFIBRES stick to your actual eyelashes , enhancing their length and thickness and look completely natural.

Being a completely natural product, with its special technology, MAGNIFIBRES is as easy to remove as any mascara, giving you amazing hassle-free eyelashes.


Step 1: Apply your own mascara as usual and immediately move onto step 2.

Step 2: Apply MAGNIFIBRES onto your eyelashes while the mascara is still wet, using the same technique as if you were applying mascara.

Step 3: Wait 30-60 seconds so the fibres can lock-in to your eyelashes, then apply a second coat of your usual mascara to cover the natural white fibres.

It’s that simple!



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