Medik8 Nanosonic Technology – Nanosomes & Liposomes

How an active is delivered to the skin is of the utmost importance. To quote the founder of Medik8, “There’s no point having a magic bullet if there’s no gun to fire it”, meaning that having an effective active is only half of the process – it is imperative that it is able to reach its intended destination in the cell membrane where it is able to function. This means that choosing the delivery method for the active ingredient is of invaluable importance.There are three primary routes that an ‘active’ can penetrate: the sweat pore, the hair shaft and the regular skin surface. Medik8 use the pores as the main route of penetration for the active. Liposomes are the technological answer to transporting water-based actives. They are often likened to a microscopic soap-bubble with active ingredients inside. These ‘bubbles’ are able to deform and become oval in shape allowing them to pass through the pore and deliver the active to the cell membrane.

Nanosomes are simply smaller liposomes. They are constructed in the same way and have the same properties, although due to the fact that they are smaller in size, they can pass through the pore and into the cell membrane without deforming, resulting in the active being delivered more quickly and effectively.

Nanoemulsions are like regular creams composing of oil and water droplets interspersed by with the droplets at very small scales to aid penetration.

You can read more about skincare delivery by reading the article by Elliot Isaacs featured in Aesthetic Medicine.

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