When we think about high carb meals we often correlate such with unwanted weight gain and perhaps diabetes. However, frequent intake of high carb meals can actually contribute to the accelerated ageing of the skin.



While a low-carb diet is credited with providing a slim waistline, actively reducing carbs as part of a healthy lifestyle may also improve your overall complexion. Everything from acne to stretch marks can improve when carbs are reduced in the diet.



Cheat meals happen, but now the consequences don’t have to with an innovative technology that’s been clinically proven to help reduce the glycemic impact of high-carb foods: Tribitor®  

Tribitor®  has been clinically tested in compliance with Good Clinical Practice and World Health Organization standards through trials performed on real meals and meal sets, such as rice, noodle soup, bread, cereals, corn chips and soda, yoghurt and muffins, foods that wreak havoc on the health of the skin.


Find out how you can upgrade your health and beauty arsenal while still enjoying carbs in this recent article in The Daily Mail.

Tribitor can be purchased via Amazon.com or at the company’s website: www.tribitor.us.



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