Want the confidence that comes with having great skin? Achieving beautiful skin is becoming easier through a deeper understanding of the aging process, better skin care products and the implementation of positive changes throughout our lives. There’s a growing movement toward overall health in the areas of diet, managing stress and taking care of our skin and bodies. These combined habits, maintained over years, naturally reverse the signs of aging. Don’t be afraid! The insinuation of ‘FOREVER’ in this case is not an overwhelming or monumental task! Below are six simple tweaks to your daily routine for big, ‘FOREVER’ benefits to both skin and overall health! Click on each tip for more detail.

1.The hands-down #1 anti-aging step you can take NOW is…Wear Sunscreen DAILY!

Why? Here’s a simple way to remember how both UVA and UVB rays affect your skin:




Simple! It’s very clear when you’ve been exposed to too much UVB: Sunburn. UVA however, is a tad more sneaky. Though UVA rays are not as intense as UVB, UVA radiation is present ALL YEAR ROUND, summer or winter! THIS is why great skin comes from protecting with SPF every, single day. Rain or shine!


2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Skin cells are made up of water, and so it is an accumulation of an extended period of a lack of water that can lead to skin becoming dry, flaky, or wrinkled, and can lead to skin losing its elasticity.  

We are 60% water and we lose large quantities of it every day, plus the remaining water will always go to your other organs before reaching your skin. Once you have reached your optimal level of water consumption, it is important to sustain that level so that your skin will continue to absorb water for the rest of the day. Eight cups of water a day to keep the wrinkles away. For instant dry skin relief try Hydr8 B5 Serum. 


3. Treat Skin Gently!

Always, always be KIND to your face! But what about the skin on our entire body? Our skin is quite fragile and sensitive. There are numerous things you may not realize are actually irritating or even harming the skin.

Follow the below steps to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Limit bath and shower time

Avoid strong soaps

Pat dry

Shave carefully..and not just to avoid nicks!


4. Eat your Antioxidants!  

Back to those free radicals…as aforementioned, free radicals damage healthy cells.  Antioxidants, as the name implies, inhibit oxidization. Very important when looking to achieve glowing skin.

Foods That Contain The Most Antioxidants Include:

Dark Chocolate, Leafy Greens, Berries,

Salmon, Broccoli, Avocados, Papaya

Some antioxidants are more powerful than others, Astaxanthin for example, is the most powerful antioxidant known to man. Astaxanthin works by reducing the oxidative load in your body by protecting cells against oxidation. Not only does Astaxanthin work as a powerful antioxidant, but it also works to improve skin moisture levels, elasticity, and smoothness. We recommend consuming foods that have a high astaxanthin content.

5. Consume The Proper Level Of Vitamins You Need

The four most important vitamins for skin health are D, C, E, and K. Below are foods you can eat to increase your intake of each vitamin.

Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin K Vitamin E
Strawberries Fortified Breakfast Cereals Kale Almonds
Broccoli Orange Juice Spinach Hazelnuts
Spinach Yogurt Lettuce Sunflower Seeds
Orange Juice Cabbage
Green Beans

6. Try Supplementing with Esthechoc

We’ve said that eight cups of water a day can keep wrinkles away, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could benefit from eating chocolate? Esthechoc is an all new powerful anti-aging dark chocolate supplement that is revolutionizing the way we fight aging!

Polyphenols, Antioxidants, Vitamins, oh my!

Want more???

    • Increase the antioxidant capacity of skin tissue.
    • Reduces inflammation.
    • Improves skin oxygen saturation.
    • Improves functions of endothelium.
    • Supports mitochondrial process in skin.
    • Improves capillary microcirculation.

Esthechoc can give you younger, healthier, happier, skin in just three weeks. Esthechoc is backed by years of research and scientific evidence and has received multiple awards from the beauty industry for our revolutionary anti-aging dark chocolate. See how esthechoc can be your all inclusive anti-aging weapon today!



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