Soothe, hydrate and de-stress with the Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Mask!

A favorite among Medik8 professionals, Ultimate Recovery™ Bio-Cellulose Zinc Mask is now available to take home. Perfect for soothing, calming inflammation and deeply hydrating the complexion. Use whenever your skin is in need of a hydration boost!   Infuse skin with a deeply nourishing and soothing blend of ingredients with the new Medik8 Ultimate Recovery […]

Knowledge base

Antioxidants: The Superheroes of Skin

The research on antioxidants is, well, nothing short of confusing. How many stories have you read about green tea, chocolate, red wine, or even coffee? Some of these findings seem to conflict with one another, and the media are constantly reporting on new disease-fighting foods…While there are no conclusive answers, understanding the antioxidant basics can […]