Growing up, you were most likely taught the virtues of kindness towards others. How about extending that same delicate attention to YOURSELF! Always, always be KIND to your face! But what about the skin on our entire body? Our skin is quite fragile and sensitive. There are numerous things you may not realize are actually irritating or even harming the skin.


Follow the below steps to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

  • Limit bath and shower time
    • Soaking in the shower or a hot tub for extended periods of time feels amazing…but too long and/or too hot can be harmful to your skin. By soaking for lengthy periods, the hot water can remove the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and prone to cracking. Try to limit your bath and shower time or try to use warm instead of hot water. (Never make this suggestion to an exhausted Mother at the end of a long day…#lifehack)
  • Avoid soaps and other strong ingredients
    • Soaps that use strong detergents can also strip the natural oils from your skin. Try to use mild cleansers for sensitive skin.
    • Stronger isn’t always better. In fact, one of the most well known antioxidants becomes weaker when more concentrated!
    • Seek out skin safe ingredients to minimize irritation (Learn more about the benefits of choosing chirally correct skincare such as Medik8 here)

  • Pat dry
    • Why go through the process of moisturizing your skin in the shower if you’re just going to harshly scrub it away with your towel? Instead of quickly drying your skin post shower by rubbing with your towel try to gently blot your skin. This will help your skin retain more of the moisture it accumulated while showering.
  • Shave carefully..and not just to avoid nicks!
    • Shaving carefully is about more than avoiding little nicks. Correctly shaving will help your skin stay moisturized and will help you avoid skin irritation. Remember to always shave with the direction of hair, not against, and always use a lubricant such as body wash or conditioner. Make sure that your razor is clean before you begin. Sounds simple but you know you’ve just ‘gone for it’ more than once on those busy mornings!


  • Moisturize
    • For optimal water retention, we recommend using a full body moisturizer within two minutes after you have finished your shower. The moisturizer will act as a light wall that will lock moisture in. For the face, applying moisture to a slightly damp face can also help retain a little plumpness.

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